Let’s create new stories

… and fill the world with wonderful and whimsical things

Santa Fe Ren Fair!!!!

We will have a tent at the Ren Fair @Los Ranchos De Las Golindrinas on Sept 16 and 17. Come by for puppets, horns, jewelry, and more!

Birthday Parties

Book your birthday parties in our new location @ The Lofts on Cerrillos Rd. We have more themes, more shows, and more workshops to choose from. 1-3 hour parties, puppets, special snack and tea party, workshops, and more.

Online Shop

Check out our shop page for “made to order” items. All items displayed are available and can be customized. These make wonderful and whimsical gifts for yourself or someone special.

Let’s create together

… and fill world with wonderful and whimsical things