Make a pattern for a pouch bag with a zipper!  Yes… learn how to put a zipper in!!!

All Materials Included: Hand-outs, sewing machines, irons, hand needles, thread, muslin, pattern paper, rulers, pencils, notcher tool, scissors- paper and fabric, pins, zippers. Huge selection of Indian Kanthe fabric to choose from and colorful cotton lining.

*Feel free to bring your machine if you wish to use your own- I have singer Heavy duty machines.


Week 1: orientation- handouts.  Description of Overview of making clothing/costumes.  Tools, machines, grainlines and fabric content, understanding patterns, and more.

Week 2: Hand sewing.  Learn many stitches.  Homework- practice.

Week 3: Threading a machine.  Begin to sew. Book practice time.

Wee 4: Create a pattern with seam allowance.  Focus on using a ruler and the language of patterns.

Week 6: Cut the pattern in fabric, outer and lining.  Pin and begin to sew.

Week 7: Put in the zipper.

Week 8: Finish the bag.

Week 9: Bonus Class! Reading a store bought pattern.