All parties can be customized to reflect your special party wants! Every party is guided by The Story Closet Puppets, has a free custom magical poetry plaque, hats or crowns, and balloons. All treat time table settings are provided, for all number of guests. You bring nothing except the treats! The base price is the same for each party. Listed are the price of different workshops. Scroll down to see examples of puppet workshops and more.

For further questions and details contact us by clicking here or call: 505-772-0374. Booking ahead, as early as possible, is HIGHLY suggested, so you can reserve the best day for your party.

Package #1 includes the mini foam ball hand puppet workshop, a shorter playtime and shorter treat table.

Package #2 suggests the hand rod puppet workshop and allows for longer playtime, treat time, and group puppet direction.

Package #3 suggests The Closet Monster Workshop and has the most amount of time allotted for playtime (longer puppet performance creation), and treat table. This is intended for kids 7 years and up because it requires hand sewing that might be harder for younger children. You may substitute one of the other workshops and still book the longer party.

Mini – Workshop (age 5+)
Hand – Rod Workshop (age 5+)
Monster Workshop ( age 7+)