In this 8 week – 2 hour a week workshop a deeper understanding of fashion and costume fabrication is taught. Many techniques of pattern making, hand, and machine stitching are explained and practiced on while developing our project- a lined bag with a zipper. In addition to learning many hand stitches, how to thread a machine, how to make make a basic pattern, laying the pattern out, and cutting and sewing, we also put in a zipper- because we can! Stay for a bonus 9 week class where I will go over how to read and execute a store bought pattern.

All Materials for this workshop are Included- there is no need to bring or purchase anything. You will be provided: hand-outs, sewing machines, irons, hand needles, thread, muslin, pattern paper, rulers, pencils, notcher tool, scissors, paper, pins, and zippers. I have a huge selection of Indian Kanthe fabric to choose from, and colorful cotton lining. If you wish to bring your personal machine you are welcome to do so, or if you wish to shop at Joann’s for your own fabric I can guide you to do so , as well


Week 1: Orientation- handouts.  Description – overview of making clothing/costumes.  Tools, machines, grainlines and fabric content, understanding patterns, and more.

Week 2: Hand sewing.  Learn many stitches.  Homework- practice.

Week 3: Threading a machine.  Begin to sew. If you wish to book extra practice time in my studio you may do so.

Wee 4: Create a pattern with seam allowance.  Focus on using a ruler and the language of patterns.

Week 6: Cut the pattern in fabric, outer and lining.  Pin and sew.

Week 7: Inserting the zipper

Week 8: Finish sewing the bag!

Week 9: Bonus Class! Reading a store bought pattern.